Hard(ly) Work

This is not me

This pic is doing the rounds in my office mail, sent by an friend enemy of mine with the subject “The most hard working person I know”.

I swear this is not me. I’m crying foul, it’s morphed.

Small Wonder

God is best found in small place etc

I have never seen my parents displaying their affection for each other in anyway. But their unconditional love was something which was always there in the air which is the concrete base of their amazing relationship. It was this relationship I grew up being a part of and I had almost taken it for granted that that’s how relationships work. Till today I have never hugged by parents or told them how much I love them. I never used to wish them for their birthdays or anniversaries (now I do though) coz we never considered all that as something which would tell us something new.

To an extent I believe that love should be expressed in one form or the other to let each other know that the love they receive is appreciated and it’s also important to give each other their own breathing space. It was something which I learnt over the experiences later on but then I always used to wonder how this logic defied when it comes to my parents. Today when I look back I’m able to see the lighter nuances of their relationship and how they expressed their love in the smallest of ways. Its not always we express our love in its explicit form; what we only need to see are the almost invisible things we do for each other, which can actually do wonders.

Today I understand the importance of having some one make tea for me as soon as I wake up in the morning, the “breakfast ready” call when I get out of the bathroom, keep the door open and wave at me till I go out of sight when I’m off to work, to receive a call or message when I’m at work, to get a hot cup of tea when I’m back home, the long evening walks, the nice dinner, picking up plates, the cuddly sleep, the “I miss you” messages and the “what did you do all day” calls when we are away, the “I will cook your favorite dish today” plans, keeping each other’s pics in our wallets, that small hug from behind when least expected, showing interest in each others’ achievements, finding quality time just to be with each other…

These are often the small wonders we fail or refuse to see and live in that dream world expecting something absolutely “romantic” to happen. All we need to do is to open our eyes so that we don’t miss out those numerous good things happening in our life appreciating which would only make our lives beautiful.

Give & Take

Showing the pic in the news paper the wife asked

Wife: So can you dare to do something like this? (Sarcastic smile)

Husband: Well what else do you think I have done in life? (Smart smile)

Wife: Aaaaaaaargh

* * * *

Showing a lady walking with her pet dog on the street the wife asked

Wife: Can we have a dog at home?

Husband: Well I don’t think we will be able to handle two dogs at home (Street smart smile)

Wife: HOW DARE YOU call yourself a dog? Dogs are so super cool… (I caught you this time smile)

Husband: Aaaaaaaargh

Now thats what i call a give and take relationship!!

Mallu and the palm island

On one of our mallu meets, Tony was sad that his crush at work was leaving the company for good

Tony: All my sweet dreams are coming to an end today

Me: What were your sweet dreams btw?

Tony: (Took bottoms up) Begum and my wedding…. Pepae pe paaee pepe (The wedding nadaswaram)

We all cracked into a laughter hearing this

Shreyas: Kollam… Nadaswaram is the apt background score for a nasrani boy and muslim girl wedding

Tony still didn’t get the joke, he continued

Tony: I was planning to ask her out when I have little more money saved so that I can take her out for movies and restaurants… (sobs)

Shreyas: Well Tony I think it’s waste saving money to spend on girls. Rather you should invest your money in property.

Me: Btw did you guys hear about the Damac properties promotion which gives you a private jet if you buy their apartment in Dubai?

Jai: But how is that possible man?

Shreyas: The property will be that expensive that they don’t mind giving away a private jet with the apartment.

Me: May be the apartment is on the Palm Island

Tony: Palm Island? Sounds funny. Why will I ever invest my money in an island? I would rather buy some land in Kakkanad.

Me: Eda you are saying this coz you don’t know what Palm Island is. It’s world’s most elite state of the art…

Tony: … of the living of the Sri Sri Ravi Sankar?

Again everyone cracked up

Me: Eda it’s a man made island in Dubai in the shape of a palm tree. The place is really expensive that only the rich and famous of the world own properties there.

Shreyas: What if Tony buys land there and he erects a statue of his own with a torch in his hand…

Tony: Hmmmmmmmm then do you know what that statue will be called?

Me: Mmmmm may be Statue of liberty?

Tony: No

Shreyas: Then what?

Tony: Statue of poverty

Tony had a philosophical tone to that answer

Girl follows the car

Ajith says…

Statistically every average looking girl in b’lore has atleast two boyfriends and 4 other guys who claim to be her boyfriends ..I don’t want to add more chaos

Remember the fox and the grapes story? 🙂

Even I didn’t want to add more chaos and so I’m getting married and the lucky (?) girl Tejasi is a Keralite settled in Bombay. Yeah the car has come and next is obviously the girl. 🙂

Oh yes Kasi had also predicted that I’ll get married at the age of 28 and its actually happening on Jan 14th which is just days before my 29th birthday.

So that was what keeping me busy for the last one month; the wedding preps and the shopping (Don’t even think of getting married if you dont have a decent bank balance). I’m going off work and the world wide web for the next couple of weeks to hopefully enjoy a slice of the so called marital bliss.

I need all your prayers and good wishes. Also wishing you all a very happy new year. Will get back with more stories soon…

Not all white cars are taxis

Long back Kasi had predicted that I will go on to become a very rich man one day to the extent of owning a ship. I laughed at it then; even Kasi did. But he later explained to me that whatever he had said was by his ancient books, but in today’s world the “ship” could be a “big car”.

Whatever it is I have bought my very first car today, a long cherished dream come true. But it’s not a big car yet; to start with I have gone for a pearl white mid sized Maruti Suzuki Swift.

When I came to Bangalore more than a year ago I was thinking of buying a car but then an after thought suggested me to go for a bike as me alone here, a car would be of no use. I went for a bike then but I had decided that I will buy a car before getting married as I didn’t want my wife to take the pain of pillion riding with me through all that pollution. Also people who have pillion ridden with me know that how fantastic were my bike seats for their bums. And now the time has come.

Driving in Bangalore is a pain and I don’t think the car will ever get to run on its 5th gear unless I go for drives on highways. But I’m super thrilled at the moment and that’s enough for me right now.

PS: Btw did you know that the Swift was evolved from Suzuki’s ever successful motorbike Hayabusa?

For namesake

As a rule almost all mallu non veg restaurants have English names

Whenever Kuttetan came down to spend time with me, we used to go to the most expensive restaurants and bars and spend a night in the lap of luxury. But this time when he came, even though he was game to adhere to our original plans of going to Leela for dinner, I chose to take him to Clay Pot. Clay Pot is this amazing mallu restaurant in Maruti Nagar which is famous for its delicious fluffy porottas, Chemmeen roast and karimeen pollichchathu. But the best part of Clay Pot is that how much ever Nicky and I hog, the bill amount never touches 200. Kuttetan loved the place right from the jeeraka vellam which made him go to his childhood memories to the tasty coconut oil smelling prawn roast. He also ordered for a couple of appams and kerala chicken curry and as usual the bill came to only a mere 180 bucks.

Most sidey bars have sacred names

Kuttetan was happy and suggested we go to a 5 star hotel to have a couple of drinks. I once again suggested an alternative. Why don’t we buy the stuff and go home and have it. I also promised him to setup a unique ambience at my place by doing some mood lighting, TV on mute, white rum, wine, crystal glasses, snacks and a comfy couch to crash on. We went to Gangotri, a sidey open air garden bar in BTM, to buy the booze but that’s when I remembered Tony.

The last time I went to Gangotri was when Tony was in full form and cried Saamp Hua. He then came out to the parking lot and asked a mallu glass mate to puke and go home. Even though the other guy was telling him that he was ok, Tony insisted that he puked before he went home. That night Tony’s antics welcomed more troubles as two other glass mates claiming to be the other guy’s friends wanted to pick a fight with us. Even now I’m not sure how we got out of that mess that night.

After the garden night, we decided that we will never go back to that place and that’s when we made Aaranya our standard hang out place.

The name of an unknown Pakistani Singer is well known

Last time when we were in Aaranya, Tony wanted to sing old Hindi songs. He teamed up with Sush and went on belting out old Hindi melodies. They were eminently backed up by the vocals of Shreyas, Jai and me. After some time as music became so much an integral part of the night, Rahul jumped into the foray and started singing some song which he claimed was sung by an un known Pakistani singer. Suddenly Tony asked him

Is it Pervez Musharraf?

One name which is equal to a thousand names

Tony is the only person in our office who is known in numerous other names and surprisingly it’s always his surname which keeps changing and Tony is not at all happy about it. He keeps on yelling

Why are you changing my father’s name?

Some names which we gave Tony lately were

Tony Varghese, Tony Kuriakose, Tony Kurishingal, Tony Singh, Tony Ericsson (which also changes to a sexually overtured word at times), Tony Fullfigure (which we suggested if Tony had to start designing clothes) and the ultimate Tony Gaddaar.

On the right trek

I went to Sabarimala last month mid and it was an enriching experience for more than one reason. First of all I was going to Sabarimala after 15 years. The trip (Ashi asks me to call it a yatra) was also in true pilgrimage spirit; we ate on the road sides, bathed in rivers and ponds, slept in temple courtyards and visited all the major temples all the way till pamba.

Pamba is supposed to be a holy river but I’m not quite sure how holy it is now a days as the pollution level there is so high. But whatever it is, after a long and tiring journey if you bathe in the cold water of Pamba, you feel refreshed and will be ready to climb the hill.

I found the 3 hour bare footed Sabarimala trek part the toughest; I had never found it that difficult previously. May be as a kid I found it easier. The young ones in our group did run all the way up leaving all us the old ones behind. I also figured out why swamis generally don’t wear footwear when they have worn the mala. It’s just that their feet would be ready to tread through the hot roads/concrete, sharp stones and thorns all the way till the holy Sannidhanam.

The best thing about the trek is that the worst comes first. When you start off it’s an extremely steep one and a half hours climb and then later on the climb is less tough but the track is full of sharp stones which will pierce your feat. But you forget everything when you reach Sannidhanam, ascend the Pathinettam Padi and have the Ayyappa darshanam.

As a kid I never had the chance to know what all happen after we get there to the irumudi kettu we carry all the way there. This time I got the chance to know about how the contents of the kettu are given as offerings and also to be in the neyyabhishekam queue at 4 in the morning.

The next important aspect of the yatra was that I could once again bond with the people I grew up with in my village. We hadn’t met or spoke for ages and the 3 quality days’ time together were good enough for all us to share our childhood stories.

I was dead tired when I came back with a bad body pain especially my feet which got blistered; also developed a pain in the knee and a bad cough later on. I haven’t been keeping well lately, overall. The second half of this year had been really bad and at any given point I’m under some or the other kind of medication. I had never been like this before. Anyways I’m looking forward for a healthier, happier and a brand new year as I’m taking the next big step in my life in 2008.

Looks can deceive

The first time I saw Shreyas he gave me the impression of being the biggest casanova of Bangalore, thanks to his killer looks, trendy clothes, long hair et al. I then started looking up to him for his cool quotient and the sheer number of girls I imagined he went out with. But later on when I interacted with him more closely I realized that he was actually no where near to the impression I had. Also a very down to earth person; Shreyas was a true blue mallu who had seen Kilukkam n number of times, a big fan of Andaz Apna Apna, loved bollywood music and his favorite time pass was to sit at his workstation till late night. I’m also sure that I’m not the only person who was deceived by his looks; I remember once Pujitha almost falling off her chair when she came to know that Shreyas was also a teetotaler.

Shreyas remains to be that uber cool personality even now to people who don’t know him inside out until he gets into some faux pas as he did recently. He was talking to this stylish girl who has joined his team recently when her msn messenger window popped up. There was a guy on her msn display pic. Shreyas noticed this and asked her…

Hey who’s this? Your boyfriend?

The girl answered with a straight face

No. It’s Bob Dylan

I missed seeing his face at that moment but a highly embarrassed (chammiya mukham) Shreyas made sure to laugh a bit and immediately got out of that place. I couldn’t control my laugh for a long time when he told me about the incident but i managed to console him in between…

Shreyas ikka don’t worry. Now I have no doubts that you are nothing but a long haired version of me

Ironies (Gal)ore!!

I don’t think I enjoy traveling at all. Even though I do like to visit places the boring traveling part is what which has always pulled me back from visiting all the nice places on earth. And that is also one of the reasons I have chosen to fly now a days as it saves a lot of traveling time. Before whenever I used to get on to a train or a bus I used to pray that a good looking girl should be sitting with me so that I can flirt with her throughout the trip to keep me entertained and may be continue the acquaintance to a friendship or whatever. But my wish never came true until recently.

Today I’m a committed man. I have generally cut down on my ogling nature coz of the loyalty factor kicking in every now and then. Moreover I’m abstaining for a month as I’m going to Sabarimala. But last Friday when I found myself sitting among 4 extremely beautiful girls in the train to kerala, I knew that my prayers have been heard. But the only problem was that the timing was wrong. I had to try really hard to hide my smile at the ironic situation I was in by keeping my nose deep in a book. One more girl joined us later and she turned out to be a common friend. Even though she gave me company for some time I decided to play safe by retiring to my upper berth with my book for a brief read and a good night’s sleep.

No my good (or bad?) luck was not over yet.

On the way back at Kochi airport as I was waiting for check in, a group of air hostess trainees walked into the place I was sitting and they occupied all the seats near me. They were not just 5 or 10 but 50 mini skirt clad beautiful girls sitting all over the place; next to me, in front and behind me. I just couldn’t help but laugh out loud this time no matter what people thought of me. To play safe again I then decided to proceed to the security and then to the lounge just to get one more shock. There sat 2 of the 4 girls with whom I was in the train the other night. I couldn’t believe my luck (?) but I chose to run out towards the aircraft praying that I should be safer on board atleast.

When He decides to give; He showers in all bounty; but in my case it was a classic case of the timing gone terribly wrong.