Wounded Designer

That fateful evening I was constantly complaining about the slippery floor. The whole User Experience group was partying at this bowling place as a part of the compensation given to us for slogging overnights for the recently held Tabla Competition.

I was super charged about the event as it was the first party of our work group after I joined and I wanted to have fun to the fullest. I had donned my floral Allen Solly once again, Levi’s cargos and ID shoes, gelled my hair, sported a goatie everything exclusive for this party and I was waiting for the sun to go down. We decided to be extremely safe by not taking our mobikes to the place, as coming back through the busy airport road after a couple of drinks would be dangerous and instead piled on to the cars of Vandana, Julian and Shreyas.

I hadn’t done bowling before and I wasn’t really planning to do it even then. But when everyone encouraged I decided to give it a try. But from the moment I put on the bowling shoes, I felt that the floor was way too slippery. Then Tony actually warned me to stay away from this and that we would stick to our regular game of marbles or cards (Gotti kali and Cheettu kali). I brushed aside his warning and went on the alley, took some basic lessons from Ravi and waited for my turn to come. When I saw my name flashing on the screens I got ready to do the action amidst loud cheers from Vandana that I should do well to live upto my so called reputation in Bangalore. What I remember after that is that I threw the ball and I slipped and fell off to the side and landed on my right shoulder. My shoulder got dislocated and I was taken to the hospital.

My arm is less painful now after a week long painful rest on a sling which was again strapped to my body.

Some post fall comments made by my friends…

Vandana – Welcome to UXG (It seems most of the team mates had always met things like this as soon as they joined)

Julain – We are going for bowling again next weekend, are you game?

Shreyas – What if your other shoulder also gets dislocated?

Ravi – I pulled your right hand to get you up… didn’t you feel the pain then?

Tony – How much premium did you pay for your insurance? (It seems he also fell on that day but luckily nothing happened to him and the ball)

Tina – I thought it’s all a big joke you were trying to pull on us

Anu – Oh yeah, now you can blog about it big time

Jai – Did it happen when u threw the ball, or when you fell, or when Ravi pulled you or on the way to the hospital?

Shawn – *%*$*&*##@#@*** (Beep beep beep)

Shikha – I think its Balaji’s curse, thanks to your recent fights with him

Balaji – How are you managing in the loo? Anyways get well soon

Maniyan – Why do you attempt things which you haven’t done before?

Brother – Were there girls around?

Parents – You played????!!!!!

Sid – Don’t be this excited next time

I thank all my friends who were there with me throughout the crisis, and apologies for being a party pooper.


  1. Though this is an almost comprehensive narration of the incident. There is one important detail that has been left out by Umesh.

    Manju John! The hot mallu nurse! Ha you thought we’d forgotten her eh? 😉

  2. Jai – Manju John Ah!! How can i forget her. She took good care of me all night. Tony wouldnt forget her either. Tony John – Manju John. There was another mallu nurse with whom i became friendly in the operation theatre. Sorry i didnt disclose it before. 😛

    Thanx Soup, Balaji and Beth.

    Beth – I loved the dogspeak. Actually I had expected a dogspeak like that from u guys.

  3. Your floral Allen Solly shirt spells trouble. Last time, you went with it to a disc and danced through the night, you couldn’t lift your limbs for a couple of days after that.

    Anyway, look at it the positive way:
    1) you got ample opportunity to panjara-addikalfy with the nurse chechimaar 😉
    2) You’ve once again gotten an edge over Balaji, with all the sympathy wave.

    And Balaji: I’d suggest that you consider writing a cooking recipe, or an account of you crying over something, or get yourself a sling – if you want to be back in the race 😀

  4. Shikha – Regarding your suggestion to Balaji; Well its not clear whether you are supporting me or making fun of me 🙂 But I really liked the humour in it.

    Lavina – Didnt knock down any. I didnt notice it then, but someone told me later. I’m missing you too.

    Beth – No worries.

    Karthick – Yes I have a cool brother

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  6. My dear friend Anu is upset; she says that I mercilessly filtered her conversation with me and the line which i have put as her post-fall comment sounds mean.

    Anu; If you notice closely, you can find that most of those comments are the part of a “pulling my leg” strategy. I know that all of you stayed with me throughout the crisis and sent me “get well soon” messages. But as the situation lightened you were all comfortable pulling my legs, keeping my image in mind. I just thought of taking those lines and putting it up there on the post for all of us to have a big laugh. Thats all. You are not mean. 🙂

  7. Yeah, yeah, Umesh, this placatory comment is only because of yesterday’s sweets!
    Hey, what the hell, bribery rocks!!!

  8. I was kinda sure that you would say this.

    For others; Yesterday Anu bribed me with some amazingly tasty Mysore Paks, Laddoos and Murukkus which made me say that she is not mean. 🙂

    Bribery does rock.

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