Dancing days are over

It’s been a long time since I shook my legs at my brother’s pre wedding party and that was one of the reasons I jumped upon Anjali’s invitation to go partying last weekend at the most happening club in Pune; Lush. I donned my recently acquired Allen Solly shirt (Ani says it looks like a night dress) and freaked out on the dance floor with Nicky, Vinu and the girls. I was in a very good mood, enjoying every bit of the moment, dancing to the tunes of DJ Pearl and it went on till the wee hours of Saturday. The outcome; I was not able to get out of my bed next morning, coz of a real bad body pain.

This was something which reminded me that I’m getting old. I’m no more a jumping jack. All those days are over. I should have just sat at the bar table and ogled at the fantastic beauties (angoors) out there.


  1. Hahaha….Mr.Buddhe…..It’s okay re….I don’t think your dancing days are over or anything, It’s just that we have to go out more often (and you take me to more places and fund me….hahahaha). you’ll be fine….I’m serious 😉

  2. 😉 i heartily agree with nicky… and i’m sorry about the allen solly… but i think you sometimes have questionable taste.

    Shake a leg buddy! or else, shake the jelly later on..

  3. Omigod! 🙂

    I saw that same shirt in Shopper’s Stop on the weekend, and was wondering which guy would buy a shirt with mango designs on them. Now I know 😉

    In fact, this shirt is the one shown on the print ad, for Friday Dressing and Allen Solly has also come out with flower n pinwheel designs. Personally, I do like unconventional designs on men’s shirts, but the mango stuff probably crossed that line for me (although I do like the coloring of the designs).

    But I support you for daring to be the different 😀

  4. Hey Umesh! Don’t listen to others when it comes to wearing stuff. Do remember what Krishna has said in Gita.
    “Do your duty and don’t expect anything in return”. It is your duty to haunt people with what you wear. One day, everyone will realise how good you are at haunting people with these kind of flashy wear and will sought your help to haunt others. Patience pays dude! 🙂

    P.S.:- Having said all these, I took out my pink shirt with flower designs from my wardrobe. Hell! today is friday! ooohoooh!

  5. Kartik and Shikha thanx for the support.

    Yes, mango design is the right word and its the same design which you can see on kanchipuram silk sarees.

    I have a special inclination towards Allen Solly, Indigo Nation’s Contra Formal line up and Wills Life Style. I closely follow their designs and mostly buy the shirts which are featured on their ads. I had missed some of the Allen Solly designs recently but when this new line up came out, I was hell bent on owning one. I really liked the fresh and unconventional styling.

    Most of my shirts are unconventional. Some of them have gone to become hit. I wear what i like. But i’m also open to comments.

  6. First of all ur looking cool in this shirt.
    Most of the time i also go for contemporary trends. but in the same time go with what my mind says and most importantly what really suits me as well.

  7. Yes what suits me and my body shape 🙂 is really important. I used to make sure of that before buying the shirts.

    Hey kartik even i have an all pink shirt. But a formal one. Pink is in man. Designer Manish Malhotra says “Pink is the new black”.

    But whatever it is, its you own choice. Like Susheel said (he is dunnowhereitis in blogger) “its like love… only you know why its happening”

  8. Bharani is right! I don’t care what Manish says. If I or you utter the same statement, do you think people will care about it? It is all hype about designers. When a person wears a dress, it does not count which brand it is or who designed it. What really counts is, the sheer happiness and satisfaction of wearing our own selection. 🙂
    p.S.:- by the by, I am Karthick and not Kartick.

  9. Allen Solly or Thamarakshan Tailors, I strongly believe a shirt can only be judged by how good you feel when you take it off – or how good you make someone else feel when you take it off. 😀

  10. hahaha thats right. and I’m kinda unlucky in that sense. 🙂

    Basically i dont think there is a difference between the thamarakshan tailor’s shirt or allen solly. Its all the brand that matters. But if i’m trying to make someone else feel good when I take it off, then I’m gone…

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