Gym Carrie


There was a time when my cousins used to call me “Air Force”. As a kid I was so thin I could fly away in a slightly heavy breeze. Amma used to try all kinds of stuff on me to make me put on weight; right from having Chyavanprash in the morning to eating spoonful of ghee every night. But nothing worked.

Years after that, sometime in my mid twenties, I started putting on weight. From ‘Air Force’ I was soon becoming ‘Air Filled’. Actually I was having lesser food then as it was during my struggling days in terms of job and money. There were many theories which did the rounds then regarding my weight gain; some of them attributed to my unhealthy habit of having food at odd hours and even to my “happy state of mine” coz of my newly found lady love. Whatever it was, since then I haven’t managed to reduce my weight much.

When I got married, my petite wife Teju, was not absolutely happy about my physical appearance. She kept on nagging about my double chin and pot belly. She tried to change my eating and dressing habits to make me look thinner. She also asked me to go to gym but I avoided it saying the nearest gym was far and I wouldn’t be able to manage the timings. I also told her about the money I had spent in gyms when I was in Chennai and Pune in vain. Then came the day I dreaded of, a gym opened near our house.

It was not a typical gym. It was more of a physio therapy place with a well equipped gym. They also had some special weight reduction plans. The place was also not crowded like other typical gyms and also you wouldn’t have to face a lot of hot women and also those body builders. But to make it happen I had to get up early in the morning which I was sure was not going to work. To motivate me Teju also offered to wake up early and come with me.

A week went by without glitches. We both got up early, walked to the gym, did workouts as instructed by a regular looking guy (Lets call him Charlie), and walked back. But after a week Teju started slacking. She was like, “I will join you in 10 minutes” types. After 2 days she completely stopped coming. I was also losing interest day by day but then something changed. A new gym instructor appeared. A girl.

The day I was contemplating to stop going, the gym instructor changed to a pretty thing. Lets call her Carrie. Carrie turned out to be a task master and made me do all kinds of stuff till I absolutely got pooped out. Nevertheless I was enjoying it. There was really no one else in the gym so she dedicated her time for me and I was exercising like a mad man trying to impress her. I completely submitted myself to her. I started going home sweating profusely. Early mornings became a piece of cake as I woke up early on time like a robot and ran to the gym. I actually thought I’m going to become ‘Air Force’ once again. Carrie and I also bonded well. I used to crack my usual jokes and she used to laugh uncontrollably while giving me hard tasks to do. Carrie used to tell me that my expressions were funny while exercising, as if I was doing some heavy duty weight lifting. So for me it was a time spent well. Teju would have wondered what the hell happened to me seeing my enthusiasm to go gymming every morning. I think I had a crush on Carrie coz I had thought of inviting her for coffee on the coming Saturday after the work out.

On Saturday when I went Carrie was not there and Charlie was back. I presumed that she was on leave and started meticulously doing my tasks Carrie wanted me to do. This repeated for the next 2-3 days. On the 3rd day while I was leaving, I asked Charlie about Carrie.

Me: Where is she? (Trying to make it sound as innocent as possible)

Charlie: Who?

Me: Carrie (Duh, who else)

Charlie: Oh she quit

Me: (WHHAAATTT???) Oh Ok

The next day even I quit.