Amerikya oru cheriya sambhavam alla! Part 3

Day and Night have no much difference!

The above picture of the Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco was shot at 8.50PM, in the month of June.

The first city I visited on my first trip to US was Atlanta. I reached at around 10PM right after a thunderstorm and that night I had to be content with Ceaser Salad for dinner. The next day, after the client meeting in the evening my colleague Mony and I went exploring the downtown area. We went around the Centennial Park, took pictures and then sat down in the garden outside World of Coca Cola, talked for a very long time. Then we went to a small store outside our hotel and Mony bought some snacks and some juices. She asked me too to get something to eat. I didn’t feel hungry so I said I will directly have dinner. Mony looked at me puzzled and then said OK. We went into our rooms.

I freshened up and looked through the pictures I shot, watched a bit of TV and realized that its getting dark and I was feeling hungry. I thought of having an early dinner. I got out and started walking towards the Subway I had spotted earlier. There were not many cars on the road. I even saw a car waiting in the signal patiently when there were no vehicles on the cross road. I reached the Subway and pushed the door only to realize that it was closed. Thats when I looked at the time and it was 9PM. Suddenly Mony buying food, looking at me puzzled, no cars on the road made sense. That night also I had to be content with Ceaser Salad.

In India we depend a lot on our body clock. Our body reacts a lot to the external conditions and we are tuned to listen to that rather than looking at the clock all the time. It doesn’t work everywhere. This happens even in the Europe, my brother has told me. Initially I found it very amusing as Atlanta goes to sleep pretty early. But I took this extended day time as my chance to explore the city when I reached New York.

The second time I was not surprised to see this happening, obviously. This made me plan our city exploration trips well. The day we decided to go sight seeing in San Francisco, Golden Gate was the last in our itinerary. We reached the bridge at around 8PM and started walking across. It was a long walk and was frikkin cold but the day light helped me to capture those moments in all its goodness.

To be Continued…