The victim who passed away 2

That day Achan asked me to call some Appuettan who stays in Besant Nagar. Achan used to always look out for our friends and relatives in Chennai and ask me to visit them. I didn’t mind as I used to time my visit around lunch time only to get “forced” to have lunch by the uncles and aunties.

I called Appuettan, introduced myself, chit chatted for a bit and he called me home but for evening tea. I was disappointed. Actually it really didn’t make sense to spend on petrol and go all the way to Besant Nagar to have chai. But then I decided to go, sit there for some time and then go to Elliot’s beach and ogle at the “colors”.

I reached Appuettan’s house on a Saturday evening. Appuettan was a grey haired uncle, the aunty was sweet and they had a daughter who looked older than me. They were friendly with me, we talked a lot and it looked like they really liked me. After the chai I stood up to leave and continue with my beach plan.

Aunty: Umesh dont go now. Stay for dinner…

Me: Oh its Ok aunty. Some other time.

I took my helmet and thats when the door bell rang. Aunty opened the door and a young beautiful girl walked in. Appuettan introduced her to me

Appuettan: Meet Shweta, my younger daughter.

She smiled and shook hands and I was instantly smitten. I was now cursing myself for the timing I chose to leave. I reluctantly offered to leave again…

Me: OK then I’ll go
Appuettan: Hey man, just stay. We will continue our valluvanadan visheshangal and then rathri oonokke kazhichu pathukke pokado

I Okayed it immediately and sat back on the couch. Shweta also joined the party and this time I took out all my funny malayalam one liners making everyone laugh… all targeted towards, you know who.

When I came back I called Vivek Machan and told him about what happened. I told him about Shweta and asked him give me some ideas to meet her again.

Vivek: Eda prashnam athalla… did she like you?
Me: Well I dont think she disliked me. I think she enjoyed talking to me…
Vivek: Eda Kallaaa… Did you take her number?
Me: No man. I didn’t get a chance.
Vivek: OK. Why don’t you go there next weekend?
Me: Mosham Allade? What will they think? And what should I tell them?
Vivek: You tell them that you just passed by…

Next weekend as per Vivek’s idea I went to Appuettan’s house, this time smartly dressed and all. I rang the bell twice and as I was about to leave Shweta opened the door. She looked as if she just woke up from sleep. Also it seemed like there was noone else at home. Ente Manassil Laddu Potti.. I regained my composure, smiled and said

I just Passed Away

Shweta suddenly woke up from her sleepy self, stared at me for some time, screamed and collapsed right there.

I ran out with all my strength, took the bike and sped. After that day I have never gone back to Appuettan’s house.


  1. Angane Pavanaayi thirichu ranga pravesanam nadaththi. Sathyam paranjaal, ente manassil ippo laddu pottikkondirikkunnu :D. Blogging-inte parimalam olichu vechchaalum olichirikkilla.

    Scene Gambheeram 😀 – Maash inte colors njangalkkellaam ariyunnathu kondu ithoru albudhame alla ;). Ee Shwetha kutty ithu kaanaan valla vazhi undo ennaalojikkunnu.

  2. Nice one Chetta.. i used to read a similar kind stories in tamil weekly novels…a good start by you and i wish u to keep going…

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