The victim who passed away

We were having a smoke after having some yummy and crispy ghee roast dosas from Hotel Aiyyappa on a Sunday morning when an old woman was trying to cross the very busy Poonamallee high road infront of us. We were casually looking at her while discussing worldly problems and a girl on a Scooty came screeching to a halt and dashed the woman and they both toppled. The old woman had misjudged the scooter’s speed while crossing and it was not the girl’s mistake. In no time a group of people gathered and started blaming the girl and asking her to pay the woman. We first didnt react but after learning that the girl was beautiful we were little tempted to do something. Thats when Saravanan shouted

Hey this girl lives in my building.

Yes we had to save Saravanan’s building mate. We all appeared in front of the girl and announced

We saw whatever happened here in broad daylight. Its clearly not the girl’s fault”

I saw the girl having a huge sigh of relief and the crowd becoming a little confused on what to do, and thats when Saravanan just started shouting at the top of his voice and that too in English to save the girl from the situation.

A little flashback here. Saravanan was the person who taught me to talk to girls if I wanted to improve my English. As girls spoke only in English and not in Tamil his funda was that it was a double bonanza to both of course talk to a girl and also improve one’s English. He also taught me that girls always looked for guys who are peteru.

As I came back from the flashback admiring Saravanan’s English dialogues… I felt something wrong. Saravanan was saying

I know she is innocent. I’m the Victim, I AM THE VICTIM!!!!

I nudged Saravanan two three times but he was still in his rage of calling himself the victim. Then I couldnt control myself.

Saravana, the word is Witness and not Victim

Suddenly Saravanan stopped and changed his dialogues to chaste Tamil. I smiled at the girl but she looked the other way.

To be continued…