Aparna – Yesterday and Today

Nicky giving the Aparna Looks
Who the hell is Aparna?

Aparna was an interaction designer my friend Arun worked with a couple of years ago on a project. She supposedly had a very impressive portfolio but if you happened to appreciate her work, she would give you a very dirty “Who are you to say my work is good” kind of a look. Basically Puchcha Bhavam in green Malayalam.

I haven’t met Aparna myself, but after hearing the story, I came up with this term “The Aparna Look” for the “How Low Society” look on your face. My cousin Nicky and I then made it so popular among our friends and family that everyone started using it even though no one knew who Aparna was.

One of the first guys who got The Aparna look from me was Nicky himself. Like say whenever he used to ask me

What time is your train to Kerala?

and I used to give him the look and he immediately used to correct himself

Oh OK Sorry. What time is your FLIGHT?

So what about it now?

The monster I unleashed years ago after creating a lot of damages everywhere has now turned towards me. Yes, lately I have been at the receiving end of the aparna looks from my near and dear for reasons still unknown to me. Analyze this

The other day I was out with Lavina and she asked

Lavina: Umesh did you have a bath today?

Me: Huh yes ofcourse. Why did you ask?

Lavina: You don’t look like you had a bath. Your hair is so dry. Ok tell me what soap did you use?

Me: Dettol

Lavina: Huh you bathed in dettol?

Me: Dettol soap ya

Lavina: You bathed using dettol soap? (Aparna Looks)

Me: Yes. What wrong?

Lavina: But why do you use dettol soap?

Me: I got it free with something I bought

Lavina: Huh you bathed using a soap you got for FREE? (Aparna looks again)

I didnt dare to go ahead with this conversation beyond this point


Just after the car came out of UB city parking on to the bright sunny Vittal Mallya road I told Teju

Me: Teju, can you please get me the cooling glass

Teju: Cooling Glass?????? (Aparna creeps in slightly)

Me: Yes. Its in the glove compartment

Teju: COOLING GLASS???????? (Aparna Looks)

Me: Wha?

Teju: UMESH, YOU ARE SO PRE HISTORIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: !!!!???? Gulp


As we entered Orange Peel I saw the Mövenpick signage and exclaimed

Me: Wow Mövenpick is here

Lavina: What’s Mövenpick?

Me: Ice Cream Parlour

Seema: (Aparna Looks)

Me: What? Isn’t it?

Seema: Its not an Icecream Parlour. Its an Ice cream JOINT

Me: Oh ok. Cool


At last it was pay back time for Nicky

Nicky: Hey shetta, I’m going…

Me: For a movie without me?

Nicky: Noooo…

Me: Oh to Pune?

Nicky: Noooooooo….

Me: To Coorg?

Nicky: (Aparna Looks)

Me: OK tell me where

Nicky: To the US. See you byeeeeeeeeee



  1. *Full-blown Aparna look on my face right now*

    Nicky’s look in the picture is priceless. I’m sure no one else would have been that convincing of what the Aparna look is as much! And as for you…. Hehe. I’ll have to change the saying to ‘vadi koduthu Aparna look vaangikkuka’. The situations were hilarious; my fav amongst them being the prehistoric ‘cooling glass’ :).

    And wondering what the look will be on the real Aparna’s face when she knows she has a post dedicated to her!

  2. @Nicky: Without a doubt, the winner is …. *drumroll*…


    Hehe :D. Umesh’s “Aparna look” is a more subdued and much less spicier than yours ;). Infact, that should be dubbed the “Umesh look” – I’m sure I’ve seen many times!

    And, by God. He took 25 months to write this one blog!!! I see comments in those pics saying the Aparna story is due soon. Ee “soon” oriththiri kaduppam thanne!

  3. @Shikha: Thank you Thank you 😛

    @Shetta: Shikha’s right….this post took way too much time…. I made my edits to the pic descriptions on my flickr page 🙂

  4. This is perfect!
    I can totally imagine your face with this look, though I am certain I have seen this in Pune as well.
    Throughout the post, as I was reading it, I had the ‘Aparna look’ on my face, coz I saw it coming!

    Umesh you are back with a freaking bang! 🙂

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  6. @OOmmzzzyyy: Laughed so loud reading this one!!! My god i remember the dettol soap… sorry free dettol soap conversation! I wanna give one more Aparna look to you for that 😉

  7. Maybe I need to start giving the aparna look too. Seems like a great idea to put your message across, judging by ur reactions to the look

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