No Kiya!

Sid got a call on his Nokia 5800 Music Xpress phone, as soon as we all settled around a table at Maharaja’s, for the ex colleagues reunion lunch on that rainy Saturday afternoon.

Jai: Oh wow you have the 5800 now? I thought you had got N95 when you joined

Sid: Yeah. But within 6 months I got this one.

Me: I thought by now you would have got the N97

Sid: If I stay till April I will get an N97

Reji Chettan: Oh so every year you get a new phone?

Sid: Every two years. The one which I get the second year will be my own. I don’t have to return it even if i leave the company

Jai: Wow

Sid: Yes. And if I work for 5 years the laptop will become my own

Me: That’s superb man

Tony: Interesting. In that case if you work for 10 years will Nokia company be yours?

Sid ignored that question and started searching through the menu for some veg starters.


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  2. Ahhwwwzomm! Working 5 years for a company should have a better reason. Showing smartness through materialism has a bad fate ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey mixdev actually Sid was not showing off. He was just telling us the fact as we asked him. He was actually leaving the company. Tony is forever looking for chances to pull others’ legs.

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