lo(w)gically speaking

After a lot of failed “lets go out” plans, last Sunday Lavina and I could actually get out; the plan being lunch at Fresco’s to start with and later may be just fool around the city. Biby was also to join.

Cafe Fresco’s is a great place to be on a rainy Bangalore weekend. Nice ambiance, friendly people and some great food. Lavina and I reached there early and was waiting for Biby to come.

Lavina: I wanted this to happen for a long time. May be we will never meet again as I’m going away next month. I’ll miss you.

Me: Where are you going? US?

Lavina: No

Me: Canada?

Lavina: No

Me: Dubai?

Lavina: No

Me: Then where are you going?

Lavina: Bombay

Me: Oh OK. Don’t worry we will meet. I’ll be coming to Bombay. I thought you are going somewhere far.

Lavina: (Disappointed by me not getting senti) So what would you like to drink? Beer? I’m in the mood of having beer.

Me: Huh in this cold? I think I will have something hot. I don’t want to spoil my throat.

Lavina: Oh then may be you can have whiskey…. on the rocks

Me: huh. Do you think Whiskey ON THE ROCKS is hot? (LOL)

Lavina: Oh shit. Sorry sorry sorry. Now don’t tell this to anyone. Especially Biby…

Me: (ROTFL) No way I will be telling this anyone. I promise.


4 hours later at Jayamahal Palace. We parked in front of their nicely done up Restobar.

Biby: Wow

Lavina: Very nice. I wonder why we didn’t come here before. Now whats the point I’m going na…

Biby: Very nice. Come we will ask the price…

Lavina: Huh Price? What are you going to ask? The price of Butter chicken?

Me: No. She liked it so much that she wants to buy the place. The price of the restaurant… right Biby?

Biby: (Lauging) no no I meant we will just go through the menu and find out the prices.

We went in. Lavina looked at the menu and started jumping saying its so cheeeeaaappp…

Waiter: What would you liked to have?

Lavina: Uh Ahem Err

Biby: We want to know how much it will be to rent the lawn for a party

Waiter: I will send the manager

Biby: Very bad

Lavina: What happened?

Biby: See its a man’s world.

Me: What do you mean?

lavina: Managers are always men

Me: No there are women managers too…

Lavina: But the word itself starts with MAN right. MANager. Is there a word called WOMANager?

Biby: Forget that. Is there any word that starts with Woman

Me: Yes

Biby and Lavina: What?

Me: Womaniser

The girls loved it so much that they started giggling uncontrollably.

Lavina: Umesh this is your best till date

Biby: This one has achieved a cult status

By then the MANager came

Manager: How can I help you

Lavina: Whats the rent for the lawn?

Manager: Ma’am we have stopped giving the lawn on rent.

Biby: But how is that wedding happening there now? (Pointing at the wedding preparation happening on the lawns)

Manager: That was booked long back. But now we have stopped taking bookings.

Lavina: Ok then how much was it when you used to give the lawn for rent?

Manager: 1.5 lakhs

Lavina: Ok thanks. Lets go

It was one barrel of unlimited fun last Sunday.


  1. Am back on NBS … YIPEEE !!! We had a ‘fun’tastic day indeed!!! Thanks oommzzyy & biby.

    Seema: You need to plan a weekend trip to b’lore soon. Will go out have loads a fun and then get featured on NBS ya!

    OOmmzz: I will be going ‘far’ away ya 🙁 and ehn I’m gone you’ll miss me so much that all you’ll be able to do is sit with a glass of whiskey ON THE ROCKS 😉

  2. ‘Whiskey on the rocks’ ………ROFL !!!

    Umesh the womanizer bit had me on for a split second

    it surely was a fun Sunday… Lavina we shall miss u much when u go into distant bombay lands for ur onsite assignment… LOL

  3. So I needed a laugh and came to NBS this morning… I had forgotten all about this post but when I read it I was in splitssssss! i remember saying Whiskey ‘On the Rocks’ and immediately thinking that it was a ‘BAD IDEA’ to say that :-P.

    Memories of that ‘GREAT’ sunday afternoon…

    Thanks for putting up this post OOMMZZYY dorling!

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