Survival of the “fittest”

It took quite a long time after the last mallu meet for all of us to meet again at Aranya Bar last week. In between Shreyas got busy with his marriage and there was deadly work pressure on all of us which made us skip many of the dates. But last week as Tony got a short breather from his iPhone app development, we decided that we will make it to Aranya, come what may.

As usual after relishing on all the possible chilli starters (Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Egg and Peanuts) and a couple of rums, whiskeys and breezers we were fit enough to swear at all our possible enemies. The most unhappy was Tony even after successfully deploying his very first iPhone app for a leading media conglomerate in the US. We asked him about his problems.

Me: Tony why do look so unhappy? What is your problem?

Tony: Enikku veyya, I’m tired of this iPhone thingy man. I’m going back to Kochi

Shreyas: And do what?

Tony: May be I will work in the paddy fields

Reji chettan: Very good. And how do expect to make a living out of it?

Tony: Then what? Now a days people are giving me sleepless nights. They think I invented the iphone.

Shreyas: But don’t you think it’s true? You are the only one who has created an iphone app in our company

Tony: No I’m not talking about the app. I’m talking about the phone itself. They behave like I invented it

We all laughed at this

Tony: The other day someone had a problem with the address book on the phone and asked me if I can fix the issue. What the hell?

Laughter once again

Shreyas: Well at this rate that day is not far when saakshaal Steve Jobs will come down to meet Tony to ask his doubts about iPhone’s features and bug fixes

Tony joined the laughter this time. Then he took a quick bottoms up, shook his head vigorously, tossed a spoonful of peanuts into his mouth and asked

By the way, who is this Steve Jobs? Is he a job consultant or something?

The laughter stopped instantly. We really didn’t have an answer for that.


  1. Meeting Tony is good, but dont expect that he will meet you. He will be in some world. The iPhone , App …
    But if you are meeting in Aaranya, things will be different. 🙂

  2. This was one of the awesome stuff from Tony Fullfigger 🙂
    You guys have excluded me from mallu Parties 🙁

    Did he really said this or you making your blog popular 🙂

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