Gift kara de

While pouring almost every sauce on the table on to the bland noodles which we ordered at Aromas of China Teju said

Teju: Happy birthday in advance

Me: Thanks

Teju: So what are you gifting me?

Me: Huh?? Gifting you? I thought the birthday was mine!

Teju: Yeah I know, but let’s have a change this time. You can get me a Louis Vuitton bag.

Me: (Digging deep into the noodles) Yeah definitely

When the lunch got over, along with the bill came the fortune cookies

Teju: Hey see what I got… “Your popularity increases once you express your desires.” I always wanted to be famous. So why don’s you get me a Louis Vuitton bag?

Me: But see what I got. “Forget the entanglement of love, but forget not to practice charity”. So no gifts. I will do some charity instead. What say?

Teju: Right. But don’t you know that charity begins at home? So why don’t you get me a Louis Vuitton bag?

I’m kinda becoming proud of my wife’s sense of humor


  1. I hate charity 🙂

    I personally think getting a LV will be an extreme waste of money, for me at this stage. May be when i become rich and has some money to spare i might consider buying. But even then it will be a unisex one so that even i can use. I dont mind flashing the LV in the airports and get that looks from the girls.

    @kutteta LV or LX only unisex.
    “Eni ippo aara ariyan baaki. Ippozhe ellarum arinju kaanumallo” 🙂

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