My specs appeal

Around 90% of my 6th standard classmates in Abu Dhabi, used to wear specs. It was one of my biggest ambitions then to get a pair for myself as I somehow thought that it would make me more handsome. (Oh btw my other ambitions included becoming a bus driver). I used to borrow my friends’ glasses to wear them and make myself happy at least for the time being as it was not something which I could easily force Achan to get.

But that day as usual when I wore my friend Rupesh’s specs and looked around, I felt something different. I looked at the calendar on the wall and the letters seemed clearer than they used be. I took off the glasses and looked again and they became a bit blurred; a difference which I couldn’t figure out earlier. That was the moment I was waiting for all those days. I ran home and told Achan that my eye sight has become poor and I immediately need to get spectacled and he promised me to take me to the doctor that weekend. I got really disappointed at this coz I thought Achan was giving excuses. So after two three days I told him that I’m having difficulty in reading too, which was a lie. Achan took me to the doctor and was found that I’ve a minor short sight. And that’s how I got my first experience of getting a pair of glasses.

In college I was one of the few lucky guys who had a motor bike to go around but my only problem was that I didn’t have sun glasses to sport like others. Once again I used to try out my friends’ sun glasses to pose for photographs etc but I really couldn’t use it as my eye sight had further got deteriorated by then. So having a pair of sun glasses and showing it off to the girls was my biggest ambition then. The then Ottapalam Circle Inspector Mr Pushkaran had a major problem with riders with sun glasses on; he used to catch all of them and fine them left right and center for some reason or the other. There were these hideouts of Pushkaran from where he jumps in front of you all along the road from college to home and hence my friends were afraid to sport their shades while riding. And I used to be happy about it. That didn’t stop me to tell my ambition to Achan once again and he obliged by getting me a brand new pair of Ray Ban aviator glasses, the next time he came down from the Gelf.

I was super excited by the ray ban that I used to wear it all the time when I was at home. I remember me increasing the TV’s brightness to the fullest to everyone else’s dismay, and also wondering if I had lost my eyesight when I went to lock the gate in the dark; I had the ray ban on my eyes all the time. Once I also took the courage to taking Kuttetan for a ride on my bike with the shades on. When I reached the main road I told him

Me: Kutteta just tell me if any vehicles are coming from the opposite side

Kuttetan: WHY?

Me: Otherwise I wont be able to see them until they reach up close


Once it got really serious that my bike went into a ditch which I had never noticed till then, from that day I was forced to stop using the Ray Ban altogether.

The next time I dared to buy sunglass was when I got a job and as a part of an image makeover. I also got a pair of contact lenses to use with the sun glasses to be on the safer side. But the new problem was the contact lenses; I never got used to them and my sun glasses outings turned out to be eye sores.

Anyways after 15 years of an unfulfilled ambition to wear sun glasses is now satisfied (phew I would have become a ghost otherwise). I recently got a rose tinted sun glasses which has a power to satisfy my blind instincts. Now I wear them on my walk to work and of course when I drive; it feels so good to dare the bright sun in the morning and of course the style factor (Yeah girls do give second looks at me now); something which I couldn’t experience all these years. I feel young once again as it has given me a new way of looking at the world.


  1. HAHAHA! ROFL! 😀

    I bet if you just gave them your smashing smile, the ‘Gurls’ would have given you a lot more than a second glance 😛

    BTW, thanks for not wearing your shades on the blitzing pune sun, when i was on the bike!

    You are back i say! with much of the bang that kept all of us hooked to NBS! 🙂

  2. Umesh!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see you back with a bang!!!!! Missed NBS!!! By the way are these shades new additions to your makeover plan???????? Dont remember seeing them… but u managed to get second looks from our house always 🙂

  3. Hey Umesh! I enjoyed reading this post so much. It made me smile constantly and the Ottapalam Circle Inspector struck me as a perfect candidate for a R.K.Narayan story.

    It also reminded me of my own madness. I was equally obsessed with wearing glasses and ensured that I got one by complaining about non-existent headaches. Of course, it had to be from Lawrence & Mayo (2000 bucks down the drain, a substantial amt then.)The bespectacled look lasted until I started getting real headaches because of it 🙂

  4. Ha! I remember that ride!!

    Btw…the old Ray Bans with the Bausch & Lombe lenses are coming back in fashion. Unfortunately the new Ray Bans lenses are made by Luxotica and they are very modern.

    Last week i happened to stumble into this shop selling the old ones. I got my self a brand new “Classic” model with BL lenses. The pair was actually made in 1993 and stayed on the racks of this shop till now 🙂
    That’s when i thought of my old ones lying there in Gopikaa. Next time, should try and get it gold plated somewhere 🙂

    Post a photo of your look with sun-glasses. Now that this is done for the girls’ second looks……how about a tummy tuck too 🙂

  5. @Soup: Glad that i could make you laugh once again 🙂

    @Seema: Yes the new glasses are the part of a new makeover plan

    @Anu: Glad to know that you are still following and you could relate to it.

    @Kutteta: Ah even Achan gold plated his old pair of specs recently. And yes i’m tucking everything i can into my tummy now a days 🙂

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