Unequal & Opposite reaction

The only attraction of your significant other working for an airline company is the free flight tickets which will encourage you to take those unplanned quick trips you might not have attempted otherwise. You don’t have to worry about booking tickets in advance to get a good deal etc but the catch is that free tickets are always subject to load. i.e. Even if I have a ticket, I will be wait listed till they know if there are any seats available at the last moment. Till then you are really not sure if you would manage to fly. Not at all bad if you are taking the flight out on a less rush day.

Last weekend I had to go to Kerala as my brother had come down. Normally all my trips are well planned and I have never started on the journey without having the return ticket booked. But this time I didn’t have the time to do that so after hopping on to a bus to Kerala, I told my significant other to book a ticket and let me know the PNR and also the passenger load on that day. I reached Kerala and even after sending multiple reminders I didn’t receive the ticket details.

On the night before my return I called up the airline to find out the load and I came to know that there was only one seat available and so there was actually no chances for me to get through. My brother suggested that we would go to the airport and if we didn’t get to fly we would stay in the hotel nearby and take the early morning flight out. Anyways I decided to call my significant other to update her the situation.

Me: Hey did you book the ticket?

Sig. Other: Well not yet. Dont worry will do it.

Me: But boss when? I called the airline and they said they have only one seat available. Did you check the load? If that’s true then I think I will buy the ticket by paying full fare

Sig. Other: Oh Ok. Mmmm uhhh ok do one thing. Can you call me after 10 minutes?

Me: Ya. But tell me what are you going to do? I cant waste more time

Sig. Other: Nothing. I have to go to the loo badly…

I hung up, quietly went online and bought the remaining one ticket for 8000 bucks.


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