Mallu and the palm island

On one of our mallu meets, Tony was sad that his crush at work was leaving the company for good

Tony: All my sweet dreams are coming to an end today

Me: What were your sweet dreams btw?

Tony: (Took bottoms up) Begum and my wedding…. Pepae pe paaee pepe (The wedding nadaswaram)

We all cracked into a laughter hearing this

Shreyas: Kollam… Nadaswaram is the apt background score for a nasrani boy and muslim girl wedding

Tony still didn’t get the joke, he continued

Tony: I was planning to ask her out when I have little more money saved so that I can take her out for movies and restaurants… (sobs)

Shreyas: Well Tony I think it’s waste saving money to spend on girls. Rather you should invest your money in property.

Me: Btw did you guys hear about the Damac properties promotion which gives you a private jet if you buy their apartment in Dubai?

Jai: But how is that possible man?

Shreyas: The property will be that expensive that they don’t mind giving away a private jet with the apartment.

Me: May be the apartment is on the Palm Island

Tony: Palm Island? Sounds funny. Why will I ever invest my money in an island? I would rather buy some land in Kakkanad.

Me: Eda you are saying this coz you don’t know what Palm Island is. It’s world’s most elite state of the art…

Tony: … of the living of the Sri Sri Ravi Sankar?

Again everyone cracked up

Me: Eda it’s a man made island in Dubai in the shape of a palm tree. The place is really expensive that only the rich and famous of the world own properties there.

Shreyas: What if Tony buys land there and he erects a statue of his own with a torch in his hand…

Tony: Hmmmmmmmm then do you know what that statue will be called?

Me: Mmmmm may be Statue of liberty?

Tony: No

Shreyas: Then what?

Tony: Statue of poverty

Tony had a philosophical tone to that answer


  1. Funny as always Umesh!!! Tony seems like a very funny guy indeed, a bit like sreenivasan!!!Not funny for all the wrong reasons!!!

  2. Thanks to everyone for the support.

    Tony is enjoying all the attention he is getting here. Actually y’day he reminded me of some more funny things he did but asked me not to write about them. He is worried that you guys will think he has completely lost it. 🙂

    @Aiswarya i liked the srinivasan angle to this. Will tell him

    @UmeshUnni Welcome to NBS. Good to know you are following.

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