For namesake

As a rule almost all mallu non veg restaurants have English names

Whenever Kuttetan came down to spend time with me, we used to go to the most expensive restaurants and bars and spend a night in the lap of luxury. But this time when he came, even though he was game to adhere to our original plans of going to Leela for dinner, I chose to take him to Clay Pot. Clay Pot is this amazing mallu restaurant in Maruti Nagar which is famous for its delicious fluffy porottas, Chemmeen roast and karimeen pollichchathu. But the best part of Clay Pot is that how much ever Nicky and I hog, the bill amount never touches 200. Kuttetan loved the place right from the jeeraka vellam which made him go to his childhood memories to the tasty coconut oil smelling prawn roast. He also ordered for a couple of appams and kerala chicken curry and as usual the bill came to only a mere 180 bucks.

Most sidey bars have sacred names

Kuttetan was happy and suggested we go to a 5 star hotel to have a couple of drinks. I once again suggested an alternative. Why don’t we buy the stuff and go home and have it. I also promised him to setup a unique ambience at my place by doing some mood lighting, TV on mute, white rum, wine, crystal glasses, snacks and a comfy couch to crash on. We went to Gangotri, a sidey open air garden bar in BTM, to buy the booze but that’s when I remembered Tony.

The last time I went to Gangotri was when Tony was in full form and cried Saamp Hua. He then came out to the parking lot and asked a mallu glass mate to puke and go home. Even though the other guy was telling him that he was ok, Tony insisted that he puked before he went home. That night Tony’s antics welcomed more troubles as two other glass mates claiming to be the other guy’s friends wanted to pick a fight with us. Even now I’m not sure how we got out of that mess that night.

After the garden night, we decided that we will never go back to that place and that’s when we made Aaranya our standard hang out place.

The name of an unknown Pakistani Singer is well known

Last time when we were in Aaranya, Tony wanted to sing old Hindi songs. He teamed up with Sush and went on belting out old Hindi melodies. They were eminently backed up by the vocals of Shreyas, Jai and me. After some time as music became so much an integral part of the night, Rahul jumped into the foray and started singing some song which he claimed was sung by an un known Pakistani singer. Suddenly Tony asked him

Is it Pervez Musharraf?

One name which is equal to a thousand names

Tony is the only person in our office who is known in numerous other names and surprisingly it’s always his surname which keeps changing and Tony is not at all happy about it. He keeps on yelling

Why are you changing my father’s name?

Some names which we gave Tony lately were

Tony Varghese, Tony Kuriakose, Tony Kurishingal, Tony Singh, Tony Ericsson (which also changes to a sexually overtured word at times), Tony Fullfigure (which we suggested if Tony had to start designing clothes) and the ultimate Tony Gaddaar.


  1. It’s like reading a dictionary… reading your posts never stops after just the first one… you read one… then look up some part that you didn’t understand… you got to a different post that was linked to… then you find something else that you didn’t understand, so you go to the next post….


    Can you slow down please? All this humour is hurting my lungs… Oooh! my stomach is cramping from laughing now…

  2. Ditto Susheel…really had a blast reading this one :)!!

    Clay Pot is really awesome. i still remember the first time Umesh and i got there…Mouth-watering…hehehehe!!!

  3. I must say, u would do well as a food reviewer too.
    This piece inspired me to seek out the claypot at the end of the rainbow last night.It certainly lived up to the hype.
    Thank you for adding a new joint to my list of favorites.
    And yes, dont forget to add Tony Khan,Tony George, Tony Kumar Nigam and the supremely sublime Mr. Pereira to the list of names

  4. Well….

    I must say that i had my doubt after the first description i had about it from one of umesh’s friends. “IT STINKS”…she said.
    And… a bit of the fact that i’m getting old and galavanting around crazy banglore did make me old bones creak. But must admit….never had such parathas in my life. Simbly great. the appams too and everything else that went with it.

    Clay pot also reminded me of a restaurant in kuwait where rannjit, anil and i hogged. poor guys they shut down a little later. We always head ranjit responsible for the gross loss he caused them.

    It’s a nice time Umesh and i normally have during that few days we get to be with each other in a city like banglore or chennai or even bombay once in expensive restaurants. But that evening in banglore with clay pot and gangothri was great.

  5. I didnt comment on dis coz, I cudnt! After reading ur post, all I cud think of wus appam and prawns curry! And the rate at which Ive been gaining kilos, I ahd no option but just dream boutit!! 🙁 And u made it sound sooooo yummyyy!!!

    I even asked couple of my friends in Blore, if they’ve heard of this place called Claypot! Enthinaa umeshaa enne ingane drohikyanne?? Njaan oru paavam alle?? Please. Ini engillum ingane bhakshanathine kurachu ezhithalle. Please. Oru sincere requestaa!

  6. @susheel The link away idea is for exactly what you said. To keep the user engrossed and glad to know that its working. Susheel you were always kind to me and once more i thank for the kind words

    @niky So should we make the aditi crowd check out clay pot or will it end up like lavina’s experience?

    @shreyas Thanks for the comments. Also liked was your “I had prawn roast the day before y’day” look on thursday

    @kutettan thanx thanx but next time it will be the expensive fair. Something to relive our good old The Park Chennai pool side evening… 🙂

    @saritha the same happened to shreyas also i guess. He coaxed me to take him to claypot the same evening and he hogged the prawn roast and kerala style chicken biryani. Btw prawns dont make you put on weight.

    Btw on sunday i got a call from Tony asking how to get to Claypot. He sez

    “I had Meals & Neymeen curry. Kidu aayirunnu. pakka mallu. kollam”

  7. @soup thanx. you too should try the place.

    @ancientmariner welcome to nbs and hope to see you around.

    Directions to claypot. If you go towards madivala taking the maruti nagar road starting from gangotri bar/udupi sagar, claypot is 100/150 meteres down that road on the left side, first floor. You wont miss the the board.

  8. We had a bad experience from claypot, madiwala.
    There are so many good mallu restaurants in Madiwala. If you see the cooks inside claypot, you will never feel like eating.

  9. Hi….tried the Claypot in Tppasandra…..was not up to the mark….will u please guide on how to go to the Claypot in Madiwala…..please give me the direction from Silk Board Junction

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