Looks can deceive

The first time I saw Shreyas he gave me the impression of being the biggest casanova of Bangalore, thanks to his killer looks, trendy clothes, long hair et al. I then started looking up to him for his cool quotient and the sheer number of girls I imagined he went out with. But later on when I interacted with him more closely I realized that he was actually no where near to the impression I had. Also a very down to earth person; Shreyas was a true blue mallu who had seen Kilukkam n number of times, a big fan of Andaz Apna Apna, loved bollywood music and his favorite time pass was to sit at his workstation till late night. I’m also sure that I’m not the only person who was deceived by his looks; I remember once Pujitha almost falling off her chair when she came to know that Shreyas was also a teetotaler.

Shreyas remains to be that uber cool personality even now to people who don’t know him inside out until he gets into some faux pas as he did recently. He was talking to this stylish girl who has joined his team recently when her msn messenger window popped up. There was a guy on her msn display pic. Shreyas noticed this and asked her…

Hey who’s this? Your boyfriend?

The girl answered with a straight face

No. It’s Bob Dylan

I missed seeing his face at that moment but a highly embarrassed (chammiya mukham) Shreyas made sure to laugh a bit and immediately got out of that place. I couldn’t control my laugh for a long time when he told me about the incident but i managed to console him in between…

Shreyas ikka don’t worry. Now I have no doubts that you are nothing but a long haired version of me


  1. @mathew Shreyas is happy that he has company now 🙂

    @Romila Even Jai said the same

    @Shreyas I wanted people to know the real You 🙂

    @Sushruta Ya ya i know your boss is handsome

    @Sreejith Dai dai dai nee enne kooduthal mandan aakathade… 🙂

  2. Dropped in here like bloggers generally do. Cool blog and a funny post. I could relate so much to this. I remember something akin to this with my drop dead gorgeous gujju team lead. sigh!! all the way;)

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