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Today Kerala celebrates Vishu. Malayalis celebrate Vishu as their New Year even though it’s not a New Year according to the Malayalam calendar. Even though the festival falls along with the Tamil and Telugu calendar New Years, Vishu is the agricultural New Year of Kerala. Calendar New Year for Keralites is Onam which is also our harvest festival. We celebrate Onam for 10 days.

I started the day with a fantastic Vishu Kani (Omen). Vishu Kani, which is considered as a sign of prosperity is the first thing we are supposed to see as soon as we get up on a Vishu morning. A typical Vishu Kani will have all the good things in life; rice, vegetables, fruits, pulses, coconut, money, gold, clothes, water, pictures of all the gods especially Guruvayurappan, kani konna flower along with a mirror arranged in a brass plate. We have to get up from the bed with our eyes closed and go all the way to the place where the kani is set up, wash our eyes with the water and see the Kani in the light of a lit oil lamp. One has to experience this to know how the feeling is to start a day by seeing a good Kani. BSNL Palakkad division wished me a happy Vishu playing the Kani Kaanum Neram song for me in the morning over the phone.

The next thing after Vishu Kani is bursting crackers. Unfortunately yesterday when I went to buy crackers they were all sold out. After the Kozhikode Mithai Street ablaze the police has came down strict with the un-licensed cracker shops, so all the licensed shops had an early sold out. This was a real set back for me coz normally I come home for Vishus just not to miss the cracker bursting action. This Vishu was noiseless and I heard my dog Motu thanking me.

The next attraction of Vishu is the Vishu Kaineetam. That’s the money you receive from the elders in the family which is again a great thing to start a new year. When we were kids we used to go to our entire friends’ and relatives’ place just to collect the kai neetams.

All the 8 (I think there is more) Malayalam channels are airing film based programmes as Vishu special; There is Mammootty talking about his latest Big B and Narain on Panthayakozhi on all the channels. Oh wow there was Vidya Balan interviewed by Rekha Menon on Asianet at 8.00 o clock in the morning and I was ready in front of the TV by then. TV channels are also showing the cruelty against elephants which has become a regular scene in Kerala. I saw two sick elephants dieing in Asianet’s Kannadi and an amateur footage of an angry elephant killing his mahout on Manorama TV. Kannadi also showed an elephant giving birth to a baby elephant. I saw Dileep’s Vinodayatra the other day and it’s a feel good flick; typical Sathyan Anthikad. I also heard that Mohanlal’s Chotta Mumbai is a hit.

Its wedding season in Kerala before the arrival of monsoon. The weather is not that hot as I expected it to be. The light summer showers are keeping the temperature under control. What else am I doing? Nothing. I’m just enjoying my holidays lazing around, eating, sleeping and attending weddings.


  1. Wish you a happy Vishu 🙂
    hope this is a funner year than the last.. with more excitement.. and joy and lot more crazy things.. 🙂

    all the best ooomz!

  2. Hi,
    Nice write-up, Reminded me of nostalgic memories of my childhood days during the eighties, of those good old days where in every school vacation was mandatorily spent in Kerala. Vishu was one festival which was always celebrated at Kerala coz Onam was during school time and we seldom made it to Kerala in Aug/sep.

    The early morning vishu kani, the kaineetams, the sumptuous Vishu spread – OH those heavenly days….. Wish I could get back those heavenly moments. Those hot and humid summer vacations, the aimless wandering in the green paddy fields, mangroves and those long hours in the ponds, streams and canals. Are today’s children privileged enough to experience all that. I think not. The advent of technology in the form of Satellite TV has robbed a child of its natural upbringing. Maybe that is my perception. The good old days have passed onto nostalgia.
    Happy Vishu. We should do something do revive the gold old days.

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