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Last weekend I was at Barcamp Banglore 3 (BCB3) which is an unconference where all the geeks come together and network and also talk about things about they know and spread the knowledge in a very informal way. It’s generally fun to be there and attend the sessions and also we get to meet a lot of interesting like minded people. There were lots of wise cracks heard at the barcamp this time. I just thought I will share them here.

Jai and I got introduced to ace photo documentary essayist Mahesh Shantaram on the first day.

Me: Hi I’m Umesh (gave him my card) I work in July…

Mahesh: Oh wow. So what do you for the rest of the year?

Jai wanted to strike off a conversation with him

Jai: So what language do you speak at home?

Mahesh: English

Jai: Oh ok. What about your parents?

Mahesh: English

Jai: Well what language they used to speak when they were children?

Mahesh: Do you want to know my mother tongue?

Mahesh talked to me for some time and asked if he can take a picture of mine against the pink flowers. Later he said about the picture.

Bad light. My fault. But couldn’t resist the flowery shirt!

Sidhi joined us when we were having lunch and we started talking about blogging et al. We asked Mahesh…

Me: Mahesh do you blog by any chance?

Mahesh: I used to be an A list blogger way back in 2000. Then I got married and I had to choose between blogging and my wife.

Jai: Umesh this is bad news for you

Me: Well I’m happy that bloggers do get married.

While introducing BCB3 for the audience Kiruba concluded his talk saying Barcamp is all about using the two legs principle and invited some one to explain it. He said…

Two legs principle says if you are not comfortable use your two legs to be comfortable.

After Payal’s risk management to beat stress session I asked Sid how he liked it. He said

She is good looking. That’s about it.

At Zook mobile search session they showed a keyword and a shortcode using which one can send sms to do a mobile search. Someone sent the sms and he didn’t get a reply and he cried out

This is not working. I haven’t got a reply yet

Zook guy: Are you using Hutch? Hutch sucks.

Jai: Yeah Hutch follows you but never reaches you.

At Savita Kini’s “Are we ready to move from service to products” session the discussion was on what we need to start a product company. Bang came Sujai‘s reply.

Sujai: Balls. One needs balls to start a product company.

Savita: …and why is it tough to hire good talent for the product startups?

Sujai: Oh they are afraid that they won’t get married. Better option is to join infosys. I’m planning to send my employees to infosys so that they can get married soon and then come back.

Rajiv Poddar played a video which showed how his product Thin Fone works. Someone shouted from the back…

This looks like an Al Qaida video

Rajiv: Thanks. I would like to take it as a compliment.

While talking about podcasts Kiruba said

Its good to use a girl’s voice in a podcast just to cut the monotony. You know Mandira Bedi and Charu Sharma types…

At the closing talks the organizers asked if we have any comments on the event. Some one said

It was too organized. We want barcamps to be unorganized

There were chairs to sit. We would have loved to sit on the floor.

Some one suggested to go to Kingfisher for sponsorship

They might give us beer as the official drink

Kiruba replied to that suggestion:

Boss, then it will be a Beercamp, not Barcamp

More on BCB3 happenings; Day one and Day two.


  1. hehe, I thought you were kidding about putting up the wisecracks 😉

    Twas good fun indeedy. Glad to read it again on your blog da. 🙂

  2. This is interesting man . We used to have nice unconfrenced barcamps and momodelhi’s in Delhi. But no conversations like this :). May be I missed out on these conversations 🙂

  3. Thara PJs orthu vekkaan bhayankara kazhivaanalle :D…

    Hehe. Just kidding. These are really good ones. I’m surprised you remembered all of these. My fav is the flowery shirt 😉

  4. Jai: as you know i’m constantly thinking about how to blog about the happenings around.

    Karthick: Yes it was better than barcamp 2 except the food.

    RJ: I not only work, but i also eat, sleep and blog 🙂

    Lavina: Tuglak is my friend but i dont think these were actually “tuglak” ones. These were more like pranks and sarcastic wisecracks. Not the utterly ridiculous foolishness.

    Ram: Thanks

    NC: Oh so you have been to barcamp delhi…. i had been to the last barcamp but it was more serious unlike this one, the pulao recipe was an exception though. I have also started going to MOMOs (Mobile Monday) recently. Will come up with their details soon. Missing out the conversation… yes… you have to be there at the right moment when all this happens. 🙂

    Shikha: Thara PJs? Well i didnt think they were Thara PJs. Thats why i called them wisecracks. My favourites are Jai’s “Hutch follows u…” and Sujai’s “You need balls…” 🙂

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