Rewind Button

Kaattadi Thanalum from the movie Classmates

Sreejith said

Always wished we had a rewind button for life…I would have played those years umpteen number of times.

I know thats not possible but I would like to dedicate this video to him which will atleast give him a bit of an effect of hitting the rewind button of life.

Vivek and I get emotional watching this song, especially the scene in which a line of guys are shown peeing. We got to talk about this to Lal Jose, the director of this movie; we asked him how he could think of showing something like that which was actually done by us on our trip to Ooty. He shot back to us saying

Who said it was only done by you guys? We also did the same thing when we did our final year Ooty trip.


  1. ya very true… went back to our coll trips though there were very few…. wish those days could be brought back……………

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