How do you like NBS?


That’s Google Analytics saying NBS has readers from all those places. It also says 67% of my visitors keep coming back and that’s good news. That means most of the visitors don’t leave their mark as comments and so we have no idea who they are.

I know people who read NBS and talk about it in person or on chat. But when I ask them to put in comments they shy away. Some of them say that they enjoy reading the posts but don’t have anything to comment or rather don’t know what to comment. It’s true that I have comparatively a good number of readers who comment, but this is an attempt to get to know the others who are just silent readers; an easy way for them to leave their mark on my blog. I would love to know who my readers are and it can make me do better.

Calling all the readers of NBS to kindly take part in this poll where all you have to do is copy one of the options give below which you think is your opinion about my blog and paste it on the comment box along with your name and email in the corresponding boxes. I would also appreciate if you can put in your city/country so that we all know from where you are on that map. If you have anything more to say, please do that too.

The options are

  1. I read your blog when I have a headache. Its like a balm.
  2. I read your blog, but it doesnt help me when i have a headache.
  3. I get mild headache at times after reading your blog.
  4. $&^% ^#* Leave me alone, my headache is killing me.

Rock the vote.


  1. oommzy ! here is ur first vote … didnt choose any of ur options cause none were applicable !!!! so i created my own option :


  2. Too many options provided. Confusion teerkaname!

    Why poll when you’ve got ardent readers like Lavina [:D]. I just don’t see the point really.

  3. Yeah, the options dont seem applicable for me too…. Just want to tell you that NBS is a source of great entertainment to my otherwise not-so-exciting life!! 🙂

  4. I read your blog, and i like it 🙂 … but its more for people in india cos i dont understand most of the terms etc :)))

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  6. I read your blog, but it doesnt help me when i have a headache. It does put a smile on my face 99.99% of the time… even if it’s not just umesh who’s funny! NBS readers are too!!!

  7. Nice ploy ;)…How about

    6. Arrrgghh…%$!$#!. Your blog is giving me a headache!!!

    :D… of course, it could also be

    7. Wait, what’s that online… its a bird, its a plane… no, its UGT’s Super-Blog!!!

  8. Finally i am compelled to comment…well if i have to go with your options,it would be”I read your blog when I have a headache. Its like a balm”. i dunno if its applicable though,cause with a toddler running around i’ve a headache 24/7 and believe me no balm helps….but yes i love reading ur blog,its one of the best.

  9. Sithu, Thanks for the comment. The poll idea was kinda becoming a flop as none other than the regular guys commented till now but you kinda saved it from doom 🙂 Welcome to the official NBS readers club. As now you have got a start you can continue leaving your comments here after.

    About the options provided, I was sure that none of them would really fit ur opinion, but they were framed around the regular “Good, OK, Mediocre and Bad” options. But the whole idea was to make you SAY something here, atleast that the options dont match your preferences.

    I’m still waiting a word from the “others”.

  10. We are too lazy to copy paste your options. May be we can click on a radio button if you could provide a form based polling block. Of course we don’t want to reveal our identity, other than IP address, because anonymity is the coolest thing on the internet.

  11. sometimes thats the only silver lining in the gloomy pune weather..

    plus splits of laughter and a grin on the face and a pleasant feeling in the stomach is always welcome.. 😉

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