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In Anu’s opinion

If a blogger has established a steady readership, he can use his blogs to manipulate these readers’ views and perceptions. If you have a loyal audience who take your blog’s word for granted, then it is very easy to influence them or delude them. You can raise their self esteem or crash it or portray yourself as a casanova, a sacrificial lamb, hero, lech, coward…the options are unlimited! So use your fleeting claim to fame to good use and promote a worthy cause, even if the cause happens to be you.

I think she is right. Actually I have tried to portray myself as all of those roles which she has mentioned. I have also introduced new people to my reader’s circle, spark new topic of discussions, jokes, terminologies and controversies.

Today Jai knows Arun, Anoop and Balaji through my blog. The other day Shreyas asked me when am I getting married as Abhishek is getting married. Prema calls me a gopi kishan (Casanova types), Soup thinks I’m funny, Lavina thinks I’m a good cook (even though she hasn’t tasted anything which i cooked) and Shikha got an impression that I’m trustworthy even before we met or even talked. Not so long ago i had talked about how blogs speak more than words but I found Anu’s gyan very interesting and so I’m posting it as the 100th post here on NBS.

What is your take on this?

Anu is a language specialist by profession, a good friend and a reader of NBS


  1. Thank you, Umesh, for posting my thoughts!
    Will keep sharing my perspectives until ur sick of it or ur loyal audience denounces u for posting such baloney! 🙂

  2. Many congratulations for reaching 100. 🙂 I completely agree with Anu on this regards. Every blogger has a circle of fans or readers that expands either by word of mouth or by word of links. 🙂 In your case, you not only write good posts and but also have inspired people to start their own blogs. In a way,knowingly or unknowingly,you have influenced people. Keep up the good work and will be happy to see you marking 500 soon. 😛

  3. Congratulations. The opinion is true not only for blogs, but for writing in any media. In my experience, what you said is one half of the story. The second half is that the readers start influence you 🙂

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  5. Raj – I think i was kinda falling into the “readers influencing you” syndrome some time back. My thoughts got very limited to what the audience would like etc. My objective was to just make the reader happy and to make him comment.

    But somehow I realised my mistake before it was too late and I came back to writing what i felt like writing. Soup has also told me about this problem once. Once you have a group of loyal readers you feel like having a responsibility to make them satisfied and end up making up stuff for them.

    I think Maniratnam is a director who had that realisation long back. He never made movies to satisfy his fans but always grew with time.

  6. Umesh, I liked all of the Maniratnam’s movies that failed to hit the box office. But Maniratnam can not direct a film like Idhaya Koil or Pagal Nilavu any more, because now his fans have high expectations.

  7. hey umesh congratulations on ur 100th post !!!!! 100 ?????????? lord how many havent i read then ???

    anyway yes i only “THINK” that ure a good cook that partly that to ur blog and partly cause ‘nikki told me’…… and the 5 letter word in caps shall remain that way till u dont cook something for me !!!! so hurry handsome 😉

  8. Karthic, Idhaya Koil is produced by Motherland Pictures, not GV. Idhaya Koil and Pagal Nilavu are his entry point with lot of compromise. GV gave Maniratnam the freedom to take films on his own style, so we got Mouna Raagam, Agni Natchatram (Intelligent Masaaala), Anjali and more.

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